Sunday, April 11, 2010


How something is done... How it happens... Fashion staments and Trends... Shopaholic brags everywhere, can't even resist a bargain... Spreads of clothes, a shopper can be seen... A swipe of their credits, is what they need to shop.. Never minding the fact of the size of the interest it gets. Never pausing a moment to balance their bills. They prove to be a consistent buyer from clothes, shoes, accessories and bags.. Receipt of bills and credits are everywhere, without learning the fact that their taxes are greater than their own money. They are braggart about their money and wealth though some of them don't have that kind of money.. They are trying to be gallant, that fashion is their life. They are trying to follow what is 'IN' in the society so they won't be judge by their peers.. Fashion is something worthwhile but would not last for long. Fashion changes each time by year or by month. In a lengthy time it will be OUT.